Music for All Saints

Holy Trinity Church, Minchinhampton

Saturday 7 November 2015

All Saints picture

Following the success of last year’s St Cecilia’s Day concert in Minchinhampton, The Cappella Singers and Friends decided this year to spend an afternoon rehearsing music for All Saints by Byrd, Guerrero, Handl and Victoria, followed by a short concert at 7 p.m.

The list of works peformed is shown below:

O quam gloriosum:

Tomas Luis de Victoria

Gaudent in caelis:

Tomas Luis de Victoria

Duo Seraphim:

Jacob Handl

The Propers for All Saints:

William Byrd

Gaudeamus omnes; 

Timete Dominum; 

Justorum animae;

Beati mundo corde.

Laudibus in sanctis:

William Byrd

Duo Seraphim:

Francisco Guerrero

The Cappella Singers: Registered Charity no 262530