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Last updated 22 february 2009

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Members' Stuff

I've had to delete most of the members' stuff because we exceeded our allocation of website storage, and I expect anyone who wanted to download any of it will have done so by now. I will be adding some current stuff in due course, and will notify you by email when I do it. Geoff (Feb 2009)

Anvil Studio MidiPlayer released (Jan 2007). More details.

Scores, MIDIs, etc.

Audio Files

To use Midi files to help you practice,  you can simply play them on Windows Media Player (which comes with every Windows-based PC) or Real Player, which is free to download. Just double-click on the downloaded file, and it will probably play - it's that simple!

If you want to emphasise, or delete individual voices (so you can make yourself a Karaoke CD!), you'll need a Midi Player program. There are at least two FREE and SAFE ones available. Both are easy to install and use, and I've put copies of the latest versions on this site, to make life easy for you.

Within reason (!), I'll be happy to help anyone who is nervous about installing a Midi Player, or has problems doing it.

The 'Small Print'

  1. Every file included on this site is either one that you could have found and downloaded for yourself from open sources on the Internet or it's a private recording, included with the owner's permission - so don't worry about Copyright, or anything like that.
  2. All the scores and Midis come without any guarantee whatsoever that they are the same, note-for-note, as the issued music (unless I have marked them as such). Please tell me if you can confirm any file as OK, or if you find any differences.

If anyone finds any further scores, Midis, or indeed anything else that might be useful to members, please email me, or tell me at a rehearsal.

Geoff Callow